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IBM Teacher's Day 2014

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IBM Structured Problem Solving Symposium

& Teacher's Day - Collaborative Solutions

IBM Microelectronics

Essex Junction, Vermont

Wednesday, October 15, 2014



Collaborative Solutions


IBM is hosting educators at the 4th annual Teacher's Day & Structured Problem Solving Symposium at their Microelectronics facility in Essex Junction on October 15, 2014. 

The day includes an engaging Structured (Engineering) Problem Solving workshop presented by IBM Advisory Engineer Jeff Maling, and a guided visit to IBM's Structured Problem Solving Symposium.  After lunch in the IBM cafeteria, a tour of IBM's power systems demonstrates extensive use of the Structured Problem Solving process to improve energy usage and efficiency at the site.  A workshop on using the new science standards to connect the classroom to the community will include Dana Dezotell, a teacher
from Missisquoi Valley Union High School in Swanton, presenting her award winning Bio-Diesel project.  The event concludes with a presentation about resources available to teachers and students through the Vermont State Science Fair and Vermont Esteem Network. 


It is free to all Vermont educators, excluding lunch, but limited to the first 20 to register.  Contact Tricia Finkle at scifair@norwich.edu.


Thursday, October 15, 2014



8:30am                        Gather at IBM Main Lobby                                                   Jeff Maling is Visit Coordinator
8:40am                        Welcome & Overview of IBM Vermont                                 Trish Finkle Welcome,  Jeff Maling Overview
9:00am                        Introduction to Structured Problem Solving at IBM              Jeff Maling / Otto Funke

10:00am                      Structured Problem Solving Symposium in Main Cafeteria        Jeff Maling / Otto Funke
12:00pm                      Lunch in IBM Cafeteria                                                         Reserved area of cafeteria        

1:00pm                        Energy Systems Tour                                                            Greg Rieder /  Kevin Wortman

2:00pm                        It Takes a Village... T-Birds BioDiesel                                    Dana Dezotell
3:00pm                        Attitude Trumps Aptitude: Resources for every step             Carl Pinkham              
3:30                             Reflection & Further Collaboration                                        Trish Finkle / Jeff Maling


"The core of this event is our Structured Problem Solving Symposium, which is in its 7th year.  You'll see 50+ engineering folks showing off how they have applied our 8-step problem solving process to a wide range of problems from the factory floor up through chip designers and deep scientists.

The magic of this approach is a common language around the way we approach problem solving.  The collaboration efficiency that comes from this are huge, and after practicing it now for going on a decade, the effect on our innovation culture is amazing. ~ Jeff Maling


Room:  Ticonderoga Conf Rm, B/969-1 Education Center 

  • Introduction to IBM - This inspiring key note address will show how IBM uses Applied Inquiry Methods to solve real problems in the factory to get participants excited about applied inquiry.  It sets the stage for what they will see and be expected to do in the rest of the session.
  • Structured Problem Solving Workshop - This practical workshop is where participants learn explicitly how to use Engineering Problem Solving (Optimization) to improve a process or solve a problem.  Authentic materials will be provided, including graphic organizers and support materials used by IBM, and displayed in the Problem Solving Symposium. It establishes vocabulary and familiarity with the tools and graphic organizers teachers will see at the symposium.  
  •  Symposium  - The Symposium gives participants a demonstration of what a poster presentation in applied inquiry, like a science fair for adults, looks like.  It will show diversity in problems, and problem solving methods, as well as authenticate the science fair process and concept using an actual industry model.  It is an energizing experience that motivates the teachers to use the tools and methods learned to improve their own practice, and demonstrates the power of the process.
  • Power Systems Tour - Participants will see each step of the Engineering Problem Solving process applied to a specific area of the manufacturing process to understand the crosscutting quality of this method, and how it unites staff and directs systemic improvement at IBM.  By directly observing these activities in a complex environment, they will see how it applies to their own practice as a professional educator. 

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