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US Government Awards

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US Government Awards
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Certificate & medallion to top project in environmental science, conservation, or management


2014 Winner:  Alan Chiang, South Burlington

     Title:  Acid Rain: The Effects of Different Types of Bedrock on Buffering Capacity


2013 Winner:  Melissa Arioli, South Burlington HS

     Title:  Growth of Pathogenic Bacteria on Surfaces


2012 Winner:  Windsor High School, Abby Millard

     Title: Plants and Acid Rain: Exploring the Use of Fertilizer to Reduce Negative Effects


2009 Winner:  South Burlington High School, Pooja Desai

     Title: The Effect of Ultraviolet Radiation on Plant Growth


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - Certificate to top project on a topic of health

2014 Winner:  Nirali Desai, South Burlington HS

     Title:  Natural Antimicrobials Against Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
2013 Winner:  Logan Hall-Potvin, South Burlington HS
     Title:  Different Bacteria on Floors - The Different Harms
2012 Winner:  Not offered
2009 Winner:  South Burlington High School, Caroline Weaver
     Title:  Prevalence of Human Papilloma Virsu in Young Vermont Women, Implications for the HPV Vaccine



The United States Army - Certificate & Medallion & $25 Savings Bond five top projects in engineering, environmental sciences, life sciences, mathematics/computer science, and physical sciences plus an additional $25 savings bond to the best of these five projects


2014 Winners

     Engineering:  Casey Husband, Windsor HS

          Title:   Maglev and the Environment

     Environmental Sciences:  Ryan Liebegott, South Burlington HS

          Title: Direct Effect of Soil pH on Mealworm Development and Reproduction    

     Math & Computer Science:  Ben Meagher and Vincent Moeykens, Windsor HS 

          Title:  Programming Language Efficiency

     Life Sciences:  Abigail Millard, Windsor H

          Title:  Lactobacillus vs. Amoxicillin: Beneficial Bacteria as Treatment for Sinus Infections

     Physical Science:  Quincey Smith, Windsor HS

          Title:  Vermont Yankee: Location, Location, Radiation


2013 Winners:

     Engineering:  Melissa Arioli, South Burlington HS

          Title:  Growth of Pathogenic Bacteria on Surfaces

     Environmental Science:  Vivian Huang, South Burlington High School 

          Title: Biosorption of Heavy Metals by Pleurostus ostreatus (Oyster Mushroom)    

     Math & Computer Science:  Keegan O'Hara, South Burlington High School 

          Title:Water Quality Index of Different Parts of Lack Champlain

     Life Sciences:  Janie Merrick, South Burlington HS 

            Title: Learning Comprehension Through Auditory and Visual Presentation

     Physical Science:  Harpreet Rattu, South Burlington HS

          Title: How the Manipulation of Algal Lipid Composition Can Provide an Alternative Source for Biofuel


2012 Winners

     Engineering:  Asthana Mrinal, South Burlington High School 

          Title: Optimizing Bioremediation

     Environmental Science:  Raihan Kabin,  South Burlington High School

          Title: The Effectiveness and Viability of Arsenic Bioaccumulation   

     Life Sciences:  Sara Ruch, South Burlington High School 

          Title: The Likelihood of Genetic Mutations of Drosophila melanogaster Upon Exposure to Cigarettes 

     Math & Computer Science:  Matthew Tufts, Windsor High School

           Title: Percentage of Runs Prevented: An Alternative Baseball Statistic

     Physical Science:  Abby Millard, Windsor High School

          Title: Plants and Acid Rain: Exploring the Use of Fertilizer to Reduce Negative Effects

2009 Winners  
     Engineering:  Windsor High School, Alex Drost
          Title: The Effect of Conductivity on the Electrolysis of Water
     Environmental Science:  South Burlington High School, Flora Su
          Title: The Relationship Between Calcium Lactate Crystal Growth on Cheddar Cheese and Different Temperature Treatments
      Life Sciences:  South Burlington High School, Matt Solomon
          Title: The Science of Sleep: A Study of How Cell Phone Radiation Affects Sleep
     Math & Computer Science:  Not awarded 
     Physical Science:  Windsor High School, William White
          Title: Effects of Acid Rain on Seed Germination 


 U.S. Navy and Marine Corps - Certificate, Medallion, & $75 Gift Certificate to top three projects in any area



2014 Winners

Nevil Desai, South Burlington HS

     Title:  Bioremediation: Using Strains of Pseudomonas on Oil Spills

Lin Pease, Burlington HS

     Title:  Memory in Evolutionary Robotics

Emma Saucier, Windsor HS

     Title:  Weight Sensing Walking Boot


2013 Winners:

     Christina Lovett, Rutland HS    

          Title:  Comparison of Four Potential Parameters for Predicting Radiation Pneumonitis in Lung Cancer Patients

     Blair Bean, South Burlington HS     

          Title:  How Do Study Patterns Impact Test Anxiety?

     Abigail Millard, Windsor HS

          Title:  In Search of Fresh Water: Exploring Different Methods of Desalination


2012 Winners:

     Jane Goodwin, Woodstock Union High School 

          Title: Exotic Spheres in 4-dimensional Hyperspace

     Winthrop Townsend, Windsor High School   

          Title: Airfoil Surface Textures

     Kellie French, Windsor High School 

          Title: Methods of Filtering Water in Third World Countries


2009 Winners:
     Chantal Girard,  South Burlington High School
          Title: Exposure of Felines to Heartworm Disease in Vermont
     Chelsea Melendy, Windsor High School
          Title: The Physiological Effects of MSG on Mice
     Flora Su,  South Burlington High School
          Title: The Relationship Between Calcium Lactate Crystal Growth on Cheddar Cheese and Different Temperature Treatments



The United States Air Force - Certificate, MP3 player, messenger bag, and jotter with ballpoint pen to top four projects in any area


2013 Winners

     Alyssa Schlenter, South Burlington HS         

          Title:  The Effects of Magnetism on Plant Growth

     Jaime Nolan & Rachel Meagher, Windsor HS           

          Title:  Are Fingerprints Inherited?

     William Fretwell, South Burlington HS

          Title:  Is Cow Manure the Most Effective Culture for Anaerobic Digestion

     Peter Jaarsma, Windsor HS

          Title:  Sheep and Color Patterns

2012 Winners

     South Burlington High School, Talia Solomon

          Title: The Effects of CO2 On Fruit Preservation

     Burlington High School,  Gailin Pease 
          Title: The Effect of Aspirin on Cellular Respiration in Yeast

     Essex High School, Alison Cook and Sally Kim

          Title: Conducting Electricity Using a Microbial Fuel Cell

     South Burlington High School, Basundhera Mukherjee

          Title: The Effectiveness of BioSand Filters on Filtration and Disinfection of Drinking Water


2009 Winners
     South Burlington High School, William Bright
          Title: The pH Levels Found in the Franklin Bog and Their Effect on the Plant Specificatioon in the Vicinity
     Mount Saint Joseph High School, Brian Ribbans
          Title: The Purification of Waste Vegetable Oil into Biodiesel
     South Burlington High School, Robert Tuttle
          Title: Can a Short Term Exercise Program Help Improve Balance?
     South Burlington High School, Caroline Weaver
          Title: Prevalence of Human Papilloma Virus in Young Vermont Women: Implications for the HPV Vaccine 


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