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I-SWEEEP Eligibility

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I-SWEEEP Eligibility  Genius Olympiad Eligibility




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VSSMF's I-SWEEEP Olympiad Eligibility Requirements & Procedures


International Sustainable World Energy, Engineering & Environment Project Olympiad 



Although this comes to us as a result of our affiliation with ISEF, it is not tied to ISEF.  All interested grade 9-12 students can be eligible for these prizes.  Projects working toward developing a sustainable world through research involving Energy, Engineering, or Environmental considerations are eligible.



2016 is the ninth year of I-SWEEEP at the VSSMF.  VSSMF has been allotted two slots for I-SWEEEP as in the past.


On the 19th of March, VSSMF day, our judges will select the two finalists.  Each finalist must PROMPTLY open the registration package we will provide at the Awards Ceremony and do as instructed.  Tuesday, April 1st is I-SWEEEP's deadline for registration, so both finalists, the finalists' parents, the finalists' project supervisors, and the adult supervisors on the trip must be prepared to act quickly to meet I-SWEEEP's deadline.  See 2016 Deadlines.


VSSMF will provide a stipend of up to $700 each to the finalist and his/her teacher to defray travel costs to Houston and within Houston.  I-SWEEEP provides lodging and many meals.

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