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Final Abstracts

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Your abstract is a concise summary of your project (200-300 words) including: the major hypothesis or problem studied, a summary of procedures used, your principle findings, and major conclusions.



  1. Please use the webform at http://www.evergreenscience.com/scifair/abstract.php to submit your abstract.  Ignore the date at the top of the form!
  2. Your final abstract must be submitted before March 4, 2016.  Abstracts will no longer appear in a hard copy of the abstract book.  They will be available on line March 11, 2016.
  3. Points will be deducted for abstracts over 300 words.
  4. Excessive spelling and grammar mistakes will lower your score.  The webform does not spell check.  It is best to type your abstract in a word processor, spell-check it, and copy and paste it into the web form. 
  5. DO NOT USE ANY SYMBOLS (including quotation marks, degree or fraction symbols) in the text.  Contact us if you need advice.  Do not put a heading in the body of the abstract.
  6. Your abstract will be scored by the judge for readability and content.  It should include the major hypothesis or problem studied, a summary of procedures used, your principle findings, and major conclusions, among other things identified .
  7. You should always bring a few extra hard copies of your abstract to give to sponsored award judges and others.



Archived Abstract Books


Abstract Book 2015.pdf  Program Body 2015.pdf

2014 Abstract Book.pdf  2014 Program B.pdf

2013 Absract Book    2013 Program

2012 Abstract Book   2012 Program

2011_Abstract Book   2011 Program

2010 Abstract Book

2009 Abstract Book

2008 Abstract Book

2007 Abstract Book





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